Tempeh vs. Chicken

Finals week means hell.  It also means that this is the last bit of time my roommie and I get to be roommies before she studies abroad next semester.  Naturally, we wanted to have a classy dinner to honor her departure, so we went to the campus cafeteria.

I instinctively headed over to our dining hall’s “Comfort Zone” and grabbed a piece of chicken, rice, and green beans.  And suddenly Forks Over Knives popped into my mind.  I took a few more green beans.

Then I cautiously walked to the vegetarian section.  Tempeh.  I didn’t know what tempeh was, but it was vegan, so I added a few bites to my plate.  Once my roommate and I sat down, I tried a perfectly square piece of tempeh.  Grainy, bland, and dry, I gulped some water to make it slide down my throat.

“So I watched this documentary,” I began to my roommate, and I told her about maybe wanting to eat more healthy foods.  As I tried to chew another bite of tempeh, she knocked some sense into me by reminding me that just because our dining hall tempeh is bland, not all tempeh is.

I ate more green beans and rice, but I couldn’t make myself touch the chicken.  Not that I had stopped eating meat or anything – I had tikka chicken for lunch – but something at dinner got to me.

So tempeh vs. chicken?



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2 responses to “Tempeh vs. Chicken

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  2. Cute post. Loved the ending. Forks Over Knives got to me, too.

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