Cooking Problems

For lunch, I tried these “Good Dogs” vegan hot dog in a regular wheat bun.  I couldn’t finish the dog; for me, the texture was too smooth, a bit dry, and the taste made it difficult to get the faux hot dog down.  To fill me up instead, I tried cooking pinto beans and rice.  I may need to sign up for some super basic cooking classes, because I failed miserably.  The pinto beans weren’t nearly as good as I’ve tasted before, and I don’t think I cooked the rice all the way through since it was so chewy.  I added salt, and even butter, for flavor, but nothing worked.

So I ate a Clif Crunch granola bar, which seemed pretty vegan in that it used soy to make chocolate chips, but it also contained honey.

Overall, I was disappointed with lunch and with my cooking skills.  I was going to try a seitan dish for dinner tonight, but I think I’ll save that for a different day and instead have a meal I know how to make properly.



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3 responses to “Cooking Problems

  1. Angela Grow

    hi, I definitely understand your challenges in transitioning to a plant based diet and trying to figure out what to eat and how to make it! One book that i highly recommend is The Ulitmate pH Solution by Michelle Cook. It will really help you to understand what you should and shouldn’t eat and it even has some great recipes. One of my favorite lunch ideas is to toast a piece of Ezekiel bread, put some hummous, then sliced up avocado, tomato and onion and salt and pepper. It’s yummy and has tons of protein. Also, a taco salad without the meat and cheese…romaine, blackbeans or pinto, olives, tomato, green onion, avocado, salsa and lemon juice…it’s super yummy. Just a couple ideas. Veggie sandwiches are good too! Good luck and I admire your resolve!!!

  2. khaetlyn

    I dislike veggie dogs that try to replace hot dogs, so instead I use veggie sausage links (like the Tofurky beer brats or Italian sausages) or, my personal favorite, Field Roast (that’s the brand) frankfurters. Heat them up on a skillet with chopped onions using vegetable oil and put some mustard on a bun. It’s delish.

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