No Meat!

4th day of not eating meat!  How did that even happen?  I’m rather excited.

On New Year’s Eve, my friend came over and helped me cook a teriyaki seitan recipe I found online.  I substituted broccoli for broccolini – it was more convenient – and my friend had prepared the sushi rice using a rice cooker.  Also, I used store-bought teriyaki sauce, but next time I may follow the recipe for the sauce, as the store sauce wasn’t great.

My friend loved the seitan, but I found it a little dry, although it could have just been that I wasn’t fond of the teriyaki sauce.

Yesterday, my mom was going to prepare dinner for the first time since I had made sincere efforts to cut out meat from my diet.  It was finally time to tell her.


“Hey, I should let you know that I’m not really eating meat these days,” I threw out as I filled up a glass of water.  My mom just kind of looked at me.

“So then what are you going to eat?  I can make fish, but I thought you didn’t like fish,” she replied.

“Fish is still meat.”

“What do you want for dinner then?

“Just…no meat.”


I overheard my mom talking on the phone later.

“Apparently she won’t eat meat anymore,” she said, perplexed.

We ended up ordering from a Thai restaurant, and I luckily found a single tofu dish on the menu, which I ordered (I’m still learning to enjoy more vegetables, so ordering salad all the time does not sound appealing).  I need to learn how to make this stuff, because the two tofu dishes I’ve tried were both really flavorful.

Maybe tomorrow will be Day 5 of no meat…



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3 responses to “No Meat!

  1. khaetlyn

    I don’t know how your family is, but mine reacted with confusion and slight shock when I told them I was going vegan. I’m stubborn and hard headed, though, so no amount of criticism or teasing from them could get me down. After a while, they saw that I was serious and backed down. Now they gladly help me prepare vegan food–and even more gladly take part in eating it! Five years later, here I am. 🙂

    • My mom reacted that way – my dad didn’t make a big deal out of it and is supportive. He’s also watched Forks Over Knives and has read The China Study, so I’m appreciative of his understanding. Congrats on five years of veganism!

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