Positive Responses

Two nights ago at dinner, I commented on how delicious the kung pao tofu tasted.  My roommate has now started exploring the vegetarian section more often, and she had also put some on her plate.  Although she wasn’t a fan of this particular tofu seasoning (“Too spicy”), she offered some tofu to her boyfriend, who was dining with us.  He liked it.  And suddenly, without prompting, he shared that he has been eating less meat, and that he hasn’t had a steak in a long time.  He and my roommate began jockeying to speak about how each was trying to eat less meat.  I happily took it all in.

I was happy for a few reasons, mainly that my no-more-meat lifestyle was received positively and even supported by friends.  I was glad to introduce my friend to a new food, and the fact that we were even having a conversation about eating less meat reminded me that not all of my friends think I’m crazy.  Which is a nice feeling.


My second round of tofu tacos is almost gone, thanks to my hungry suitemates.  My roommate even wants to buy the tofu next time, and we’re going to mix it with rice to add extra texture in the next batch.



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2 responses to “Positive Responses

  1. elle

    This is great I’m really loving your posts! This perfectly describes what I’m going through with my friends – when I decided to go vegan last summer, I never expected all the strong reactions, plus the need for constant explanations and justifications on my end. But, it’s been amazing and really rewarding to watch so many of them (including my family) slowly growing to support it and some even beginning to eat vegan themselves!

    • That’s one of the great things about blogging – I can connect with people in similar situations and hear their stories. I’m glad that your friends have been supporting you, and that’s amazing that some of them have even started eating vegan!

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