Suitemate Surprises

Something I never expected happened this past Sunday night.  As I sat on the floor in my suitemate’s room eating tofu tacos with her, she asked “Why again do you think meat is bad?”

Speaking carefully so as not to alienate her, I explained, “It’s not that meat is bad; it does have protein.  But it also has cholesterol, saturated fat, and no fiber.  While the amount of fat in our meat has increased over the years because of the way we feed our factory-farmed animals, we’re eating much more of it than ever before.”

“Interesting,” she responded while looking away.  “You know that my Big* is vegetarian, so I’ve actually been thinking about this for a while, and now you’re a vegetarian…”

She definitely had my attention.

“I don’t really eat a lot of meat anyway,” she continued.  “Mostly chicken.  But I think I’m going to try going vegetarian.”


I am still really surprised by my suitemate’s decision, as it was never my intention to convert my friends to vegetarianism, etc.  She’s reading Skinny Bitch now, and although I haven’t read it, I’m excited that she’s learning more by reading.  I offered to watch Forks Over Knives with her, so we’ll see how it goes.

Further reading:
Harvard University’s summary of protein and our health

*She has a “Big” (like a big sister kind of deal) because she’s in a fraternity



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4 responses to “Suitemate Surprises

  1. elle

    yaay! this makes me happy lol

  2. Tell her to watch vegucated. You can find it on iTunes. It has made me move ‘towards’ veganism. It’s a big step to take in one go, but I’m certainly on route to it. I very rarely eat meet and have reduced cheese intake. Next is eggs…..

  3. Skinny Bitch did it for me…some tough stuff in addition to inspiring. Looking forward to checking out Forks Over Knives and Vegucated. Way to be a good influence : )

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