Support and Vegan Chocolate Mousse

A few days ago my suitemate (the one that has recently gone vegetarian) came in to my room to talk about housing plans for next year.  I currently live in dorms on-campus, but next year we are either moving to a house or apartment, meaning that I will finally have a full kitchen at my disposal.  As my suitemate and I were discussing this, she said that she wants to make the transition to an entirely plant-based diet while we live together.  It feels great having another person making the switch with me – I can’t wait until we are cooking and experimenting together and dealing with any off-hand judgmental comments my roommate throws at us (I love my roommate – she can just seem a bit closed-minded sometimes).

Also, I made vegan chocolate mousse cups!  I’m taking them to an Alpha Phi Omega get-together tonight (it’s the community service fraternity on campus), and since the mousse has already received positive reactions from a few friends, I’m excited to see what others think.

Delicious vegan chocolate mousse cups – sitting on my dorm room floor, which is where most of my cooking happens.

“Baking” Notes:
-I used the Thai brand coconut milk, as suggested in the original recipe.  My suitemate is making them with a different brand, so I’ll update once I know how it turns out.

-I used about 8 spoonfuls of sugar to sweeten the mousse.

-It’s literally the easiest recipe ever, and it tastes delicious.

See the recipe at Chocolate-Covered Katie


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  1. Amazing. I’m making this tomorrow … and I think I may try to freeze a handful of them and see how they turn out. Thanks for sharing!

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