No Sugar – Oh Goodness.

Inspired by Wheat Grass & Sassafras’ post, I’ve decided to do a trial no-sugar period.  I gave myself plenty of advanced notice (I decided this two weeks ago), and I officially started Monday.  While my original intention for delaying my start date was so that I could eat whatever I wanted over spring break, as Wheat Grass & Sassafras pointed out, planning so far in advance has also given me time to prepare mentally – just being more aware of the sugar I’m eating.

Why am I doing this?

I’m happy with my weight and body, but I’m not happy with how unhealthy I sometimes still am.  Going vegetarian was a way to force me to eat more vegetables, and while I’ve been trying to limit my dessert intake to complement this healthier way of eating, I all too easily succumb to my sweet tooth.  I’ve tried taking pictures of my food to increase my awareness (only worked for a little bit), just telling myself “no” (the yelling of my cravings often drowned out the whisper of reason), and limiting the portion size of the dessert I ate.  None of these things have been truly successful, even in the short-term.

How does it work?

Any way I want it to, really.  My plan is to test out a no-sugar lifestyle for exactly two weeks, then ending with a cheat day when I can eat whatever the heck I want.  The plan is to use this day as a motivator for me not to eat sweets during the two weeks.  That final day I’ll also reflect on the sugar-fasting period – what did I like, what changed, how did I feel – and then decide from there what I learned, and how I can use that information to figure out what strategy would work best to keep me healthiest.

What are the rules of the game?

Sugar is in just about everything.  Sadly, it’s even in my favorite Quaker Instant Oatmeal that I love for breakfast.  And in my favorite Soy Gingerbread Chai Tea from our campus’ cafe.  Since I still often eat in our dining hall, “no sugar” will basically translate into no desserts while eating there.

Ultimately, this is a challenge to see if I can break my sugar addiction for two weeks.  It definitely will be interesting.



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4 responses to “No Sugar – Oh Goodness.

  1. Great Goal! I monitor my sugar intake daily for my weight loss and fitness goals. I noticed when I cut out sugar I had more energy, I didn’t “crash” and I just felt better mentally and physically. Good luck with your 2 week No Sugar Challenge.


  2. You can do it – and you’ll feel great, I’ll bet.

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