Iowa, Meatless Mondays, and Twitter

I love when something riles me enough that I itch to blog about it.

Apparently, there’s been some hullabaloo over a USDA interoffice newsletter.  As reported by Time Magazine (and brought to my attention by blogger feministka’s post), three measly paragraphs in the newsletter offered information on the Meatless Monday campaign and suggested that employees looking to minimize their impact on the environment try some of the vegetarian options in the USDA cafeteria on Monday.

However, this mention of Meatless Mondays caused quite the Twitter uproar from the beef industry, including a response from Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley.  (I highly recommend reading Time’s articles, linked to above, for the entire story.)  His tweet is as follows:

While I think the comment from Nicholas Mitchell sums up the tweet beautifully, I was a bit hurt by his statement.  You can eat as much meat as you want.  Hell, I’ll even tell you what my favorite meat dish used to be (thinly sliced steak with a fried egg on top, thank you very much), but call the Meatless Monday movement stupid?

Perhaps he’s just saying that it’s stupid that the U.S. Department of Agriculture is recommending Meatless Monday.  Alright.  But, it says that the USDA’s mission statement includes “improving nutrition and health by providing food assistance and nutrition education and promotion.”  Can’t a suggestion to try a different diet, one with more vegetables even, is included in that?  Especially if that diet only occurs one day of the week?

If you read my previous Really, USDA? post, then you know I don’t entirely believe in the efficacy of writing to elected officials.  Yet I do see a point in writing just to get my voice notched as another tally mark that wrote in upset about Grassley’s Meatless Monday comment.

Contact Iowa Senator Grassley here:

And if you’re actually from Iowa, bonus points!


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