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My Inappropriate Blog Title

Three weeks ago my blog title and WordPress handle, iwishiwerevegan, became a reality.

Having been a vegetarian for about seven months, I had slowly been pushing myself to incorporate more plant-based substitutions – little changes, like Silk’s Vanilla Almond Milk for cow’s milk, Earth Balance for butter – all of which have been easy.  Then one day, I decided to go the whole day on just  plants.  And why not another?  And why not…

Mirroring my transition to a vegetarian diet, months of piecemeal thoughts and reading up finally allowed me make an overnight switch to a vegan diet.

I’ve realized that I enjoy writing about my experiences, reading about the food journeys of other bloggers, and above all, researching more about agriculture, food, and health.  Sorry for the absence, but I know you’ll forgive me – please keep this conversation about food going, and I look forward to being a part of it.


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