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First Attempt at Baking – Snickerdoodles

In preparation for a family 4th of July party, I was supposed to make cookies.  Except that I had just cut out all animal products from my diet and hadn’t yet started exploring vegan baking.  For help, I turned to the Internet.  The party was mere hours away, so I wanted a recipe that wouldn’t require any additional shopping.  A Google search led me to Post Punk Kitchen’s Mexican Hot Chocolate Snickerdoodle recipe, which not only used ingredients I already had, but also featured a lovely how-to video.

Since this was my first dabbling in vegan baking, I worried about how the cookies would taste.  But when I popped the cookies out of the oven, they looked gorgeous; they crackled just like the cookies in the picture, and even glistened with a hint of sugar on top.

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Ready for some vegan goodness, I crunched into a cookie.  Yes, I tasted the chocolate, and it was generally sweet, but damn, the thing was spicy!  I’ve never been one for spiciness, though, so I solicited another opinion.

“Come try the cookies I made!” I yelled at my brother.  He examined the cookie, took a bite, and gave me his notes.

“Crunchy.”  Another bite.  Silence.  Another bite.

“They’re a bit spicy,” I offered.

“Too spicy,” he replied, disgust scrunching up his face.

“So we shouldn’t bring them tonight?”


How quickly my hope for bringing wonderful vegan cookies – to lessen some of the scrutiny I would inevitably receive for my new diet – died.  I finished cooking the rest of the dough and was left with a whopping two plates of mediocre cookies.


I picked up a box of sugar-frosted cookies from Ralph’s that my mom loves on the way to the party for everyone else to enjoy, and with that I became determined to become a vegan baking queen.


As a side note, this is the only recipe I’ve ever tried from Post Punk Kitchen, and I’m looking forward to exploring other recipes their site has to offer.  However, in the future, I’ll look for recipes that don’t use cayenne pepper.  Their Just Chocolate Cake looks very promising.  Suggestions?


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Cooking Problems

For lunch, I tried these “Good Dogs” vegan hot dog in a regular wheat bun.  I couldn’t finish the dog; for me, the texture was too smooth, a bit dry, and the taste made it difficult to get the faux hot dog down.  To fill me up instead, I tried cooking pinto beans and rice.  I may need to sign up for some super basic cooking classes, because I failed miserably.  The pinto beans weren’t nearly as good as I’ve tasted before, and I don’t think I cooked the rice all the way through since it was so chewy.  I added salt, and even butter, for flavor, but nothing worked.

So I ate a Clif Crunch granola bar, which seemed pretty vegan in that it used soy to make chocolate chips, but it also contained honey.

Overall, I was disappointed with lunch and with my cooking skills.  I was going to try a seitan dish for dinner tonight, but I think I’ll save that for a different day and instead have a meal I know how to make properly.


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