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Day of Progress

Yesterday went really well.

Breakfast was typical Quaker Instant Oatmeal and an English muffin smothered with butter.  Then for lunch, a friend and I explored an artsy little used bookstore and cafe where I tried tempeh tandoori.  I’m still not used to the grainy texture of tempeh, but I liked it much more this time than the last time I tried it at my school’s dining hall. My friend ordered the chicken tandoori, but he wanted to try my tempeh – he ended up liking the tempeh more than his chicken.  Oddly enough, when I made those vegan hot dogs, my brother tried one and also ended up enjoying that version more than the meat hot dogs.

We grabbed some hot chocolate (made with hemp milk!) to take with us on our walk, and that was also delicious, although not completely vegan.  Trying hot chocolate with hemp milk just gave it a unique flavor, and that’s something I’m excited (and nervous) about as I try to eat a more plant-based diet: the new flavors that I probably would have missed out on otherwise.

I worried that dinner was going to be an issue since I was eating with my dad, who makes great steaks and other meats, but he suggested that we order Chinese.  I ordered a dish of flat rice noodles with eggs, and I also tried some Kung Pao Tofu, which tasted incredible.

No meat at all yesterday!  That was a good step.  I’ve decided that I’m officially limiting the amount of red meat I eat, and then next I plan to stop eating chicken so much; dairy and eggs will be the last things I work on removing from my diet simply because cooking egg-based meals (fried egg on bread, scrambled eggs in a tortilla, etc.) is easy and usually fills me up.


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Tempeh vs. Chicken

Finals week means hell.  It also means that this is the last bit of time my roommie and I get to be roommies before she studies abroad next semester.  Naturally, we wanted to have a classy dinner to honor her departure, so we went to the campus cafeteria.

I instinctively headed over to our dining hall’s “Comfort Zone” and grabbed a piece of chicken, rice, and green beans.  And suddenly Forks Over Knives popped into my mind.  I took a few more green beans.

Then I cautiously walked to the vegetarian section.  Tempeh.  I didn’t know what tempeh was, but it was vegan, so I added a few bites to my plate.  Once my roommate and I sat down, I tried a perfectly square piece of tempeh.  Grainy, bland, and dry, I gulped some water to make it slide down my throat.

“So I watched this documentary,” I began to my roommate, and I told her about maybe wanting to eat more healthy foods.  As I tried to chew another bite of tempeh, she knocked some sense into me by reminding me that just because our dining hall tempeh is bland, not all tempeh is.

I ate more green beans and rice, but I couldn’t make myself touch the chicken.  Not that I had stopped eating meat or anything – I had tikka chicken for lunch – but something at dinner got to me.

So tempeh vs. chicken?


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